Wibut is a web interface (web based) back-up tool. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual and time specific back-up processes can be performed without so much memory and CPU consuption. Web administrators, system managers, IT experts etc. can use Wibut for low-scale and high-scale back-up works.

General Properties

  • General purpose multi file & directory back-up system. Scenarios are:
    • Full directory and file listing.
    • Back-up process listing and creation.
  • Easy installation.
  • Security based on core admin scenarios.
  • Platform and File System independent.
  • Uses lightweight and threaded architecture during all backing up processes.
  • Strong and enough reporting features for each back-up.
    • Full back-up tree.
    • Error and warning logs.
    • File or directory states at processing time.
  • No need to any RDBMS integration for usage.
    • Works with Text/XML based files for reporting and logging processes.
  • Integrated recovery system.
    • Full or partial recovery properties in auto or manual manner.
  • Back-up history, recovery milestones, recovery points.
  • Several back-up, reporting, system options and utilities.
  • Standart ZIP Compressing with different compressing levels.
    • 9 different compression levels in ZIP standart.
    • Also 0 (zero) compressed ZIP and directory back-up available.
  • All files are updateable (should be writable) and downloadable (should be at least readable).
  • Goal directed, on purpose, embeddable and simple tool.

Technical Properties

  • Pure Java. Developed on up-to-date and stable J2EE version 1.5.
  • Available for J2EE application servers.
  • Interface design is full CSS based.